Rclone buffer folder

Hello to everyone.
I use rclone on windows and i have some problem about rclone buffer folder.

When i start sync rclone start download files on my pc. When i start upload rclone download files on pc again. So there is no space on c drive.

Can i move this buffer folder to another drive?
Maybe i can install rclone in d drive?

If you try help me please dont forget i am begineer please write me step by step. You can call me idiot thats not problem :slight_smile:

Without knowing what you are running since you deleted the help and support template, it's tough to guess.

You could using an old version with the cache backend.
You could be using a newer version with the new cache mode.

Why did you delete the template and not use it?


Changes the location on the new mode if that is what you are using..

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