Rclone browser server side copy (gdrive)

Ok I see, thanks for this info.

I hope perhaps it would also be possible to create a rclone move script.. ?

Under Windows I perhaps have to create a .bat file , or what do you perhaps recommend.. ?

I don't use Windows so you'd automate it anyway you see fit.

Ok i see thanks.

you can create a batch file and run it using task scheduler.

Thanks I see.

Im only wondering how to start the script for example.. ?
Im now a little bit familiar with the rclone commands, thanks to this awesome forum ! :slight_smile:

Do you perhaps have a sample for me.. ?
I will also try and look for a sample in another thread..

i have helped other doing that and there will be a bunch of posts about that.
i can help you....

  1. create a new task using task scheduler.

Ok I see, great thanks for your help.. :slight_smile:

Should I make a Basic task or normal task.. ?
(Running Windows Server 2016 here in a VM.)

basic is a wizard interface to create the task.
once the task is created, you can edit it like any other task.

if this is the first time creating a task, go with basic

Ok i see, thx.

I'm now in the Wizard of creating a basic task.
On the Program/script part, I think I have to select the rclone.exe file ?

And on the arguments options perhaps my rclone move command.. ?
Or how do I must see it.. ?

i never use the arguments option
each task has it own batch file.

but if you want, the program can be rclone.exe and then use the arguments.

Ok thx, I see.

I have now pointed the program/script to rclone.exe

and I have added the following argument :
rclone move Z:\Films\1080p "floorbackup-cloud-crypt":/test --fast-list --transfers 8 --checksum --drive-stop-on-upload-limit --dry-run --progress

I hope this is the correct way.. ?
I'm btw nog entirly sure my rclone move test command is correct.. ?

trying to run rclone.exe from a task, is a receipe to data loss.
a move command can result in permantent loss of data.

  1. create a batch script.
  2. in tasksch, set the program/script to that batch script.
  3. in the batch script, test using --dry-run and use a log file.

Going back to the server side copy , im trying a somewhat different other source and destination now, but i am getting Error 404 errors, File not found.

I dont understand exactly why I am getting these errors.

The source account (floorbackup-cloud-gdrive-crypt) has write permissions in the destination team drive (plex-cloud-unlimited2-team drive crypt), and vice versa.
I have made them both managers of each others team drives, this is I think the correct way ?

Copy command I use :
rclone copy floorbackup-cloud-gdrive-crypt:/Plex "plex-cloud-unlimited2-team drive crypt":/Plex --fast-list --transfers 8 --checksum --bwlimit 8.5M --max-transfer 740G --drive-stop-on-upload-limit --progress

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