Rclone box.com sync (using single sign on for enterprise account)

I have a box account through my university that I need to backup some data to. I’m able to mount the account to a local folder using webdav and davfs2 in Ubuntu using the unique password for applications that do not support single sign on (this can be generated under account settings after logging into your box account via single sign on). However, when I try to configure rclone, it requires me to authenticate via the single sign on step. The university appears to be blocking external applications from using the single sign on.

Question: Is there a way to use the unique password with rclone to authenticate (rather than the single sign on)?

I then decided to just use the mounted webdav folder instead and created a crypt on that folder using rclone (e.g., /mnt/box/crypt_folder). This seems to work, but is extremely slow (uploading files via the box.com web interface is much faster) and it appears to recopy existing files rather than skipping them. I believe that there are some bugs in the davfs2 library that explain why it’s so slow (even when I just cd to the /mnt/box folder and do things like ls, it’s slow so this isn’t related to rclone). However, it’d still be nice to not have rclone recopy files that exist on the server.

Question: Is there a reason why rclone might be recopying files to a crypt located on a webdav mount?

Not at the moment. If you could find some docs on how it works and make please make a new issue on github I can look into it.

A lot with -vv will answer that question.

Alternatively you might like to try the latest beta which has webdav support so you could do everything with rclone…