Rclone bisync keep running, sync on files change (Google Drive)

Hi, I've been testing bisync, and it's a wonderful tool, congratulations to the developers.

That said, I would like to know if it has or if it would be possible to add an option to keep bisync in a continuous state of execution as with mount, but after it processes all the verification, it would be in passive mode, only detecting changes in google drive, or locally on windows.

There are some projects that implement this externally, but nothing would be better than having it natively, I'm using sync to sync files from web projects, and it would be great for me when I modify it locally, it updates remotely on my server automatically via rclone bisync.

This would be a nice addition to rclone.

To make it work we'd need a cross platform recursive file listening library in go.

It looks like we have one now: GitHub - rjeczalik/notify: File system event notification library on steroids.

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