Rclone behaviour when copying from multiple sources to single destination at the same time

Apologies if this is discussed elsewhere, I could not find a topic with this specific case.

In our use case we have users with multiple source machines, in which they are transferring to a single shared target machine (here we are in an experiemental neuroscience institute, in which researchers collect different data-types from different machines at the same time, then push to a central storage cluster).

We use rclone copy --include function. By default --ignore_existing is on but the user can turn this off.

As such, there is an unlikely but non-zero chance that rcone copy may be run at the same time, from two separate machines, on the same file. What would happen in this case if the same file is transferred at the same time?

I guess this is a case of a more general question, which is what happens when the file Rclone is trying to transfer is in-use on the target destination.

Thanks for your help!

There's no collision detection so whoever transfers first loses I'd imagine.

A starts a copy and finishes.
B starts a copy later and would overwrite A.

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