Rclone aws glacier, too good to be true?

I’m using borg-backup and now attempting to sync the backups to aws glacier:

rclone sync backup directory/ aws:bucket/directory/

It seems to be working, but almost seems too good to be true. Sync only takes 40s. Is it really possible to sync without restoring from glacier? Doesn’t seem to produce any errors, but I haven’t actually tested whether I can restore from glacier and use the backups.

OK, now looking at buckets via aws management it seems only the top-level files were updated, not contents of directories.

-v -v just shows lots of files skipped because timestamps not changed.
borgbackup has created lots of new files in directories that had already been sync’d. rclone seems to be ignoring all these new files.

Looks like you only have half of a command? A sync needs a source and destination.

What’s the output of the full command when you run it with -vv?

I’ve edited the original in response to your questions

I’m not as familiar with the buckets, but can you do a rclone ls on the remote and see if a file it says has copied is there or not?

OK, my mistake. The files are there, I just didn’t know how to use the aws management console :slight_smile:

What are recommended rclone options for this configuration?

It shouldn’t be ignoring those files. What does the log with -vv say about them?