Rclone auto mount at startup

This is working for me.

In a notepad i entered the following:

@echo off
start "C:\path to\cmd.exe" rclone mount --allow-non-empty --allow-other --cache-db-purge remote: C:\folder

Saved as, with name startup.bat, then closed it.
Then I created a shortcut file of the .bat file.
And downloaded RBTray and also created a shortcut file of RBTray.exe

Enter Winkey+R > shell:startup > copy-pasted both shortcut files

After bootup, 'right-click' on the minimize button on cmd window to
minimize cmd into system tray.

thanks for taking the time to create a howto.
but please consider that:

  • --allow-non-empty does nothing on windows.
    as per the documentation
    --allow-non-empty Allow mounting over a non-empty directory (not Windows).

  • --allow-other does nothing on windows. i know this from testing myself.

  • --cache-db-purge is for a cache backend, not for a mount, and which really should not be used unless there is a specific reason to do so

  • shell:startup have you tested this?
    as i understand it, that will run a batch file, if and only if a user has logged on, not at system startup.
    so what about command line only versions of windows servers, which often a user does not login at system startup such as windows server nano and the windows server hyper-v edition, which has no shells, no gui, no system tray to run RBTray, no desktop, no icons, no windows explorer, no control panel and so on.

that is why, on micro$oft windows, the best way to run a process as system startup is task scheduler or perhaps nssm.

as per task scheduler, there is a difference between run a batch file as

  • system startup
  • after a user log in manually



perhaps you can tweak your settings and turn it into a wiki,
i have created several wikis such as

^ He is absolutely correct.

The shell:startup command works, the only reason for it is because I couldn't even get to install nssm. And couldn't get Task Scheduler to open cmd and also enter a command.
I posted what worked for me but it looks like it a very cheap no-no way to do it. I basically copy pasted from anywhere until it worked for me with no knowledge.

I was so happy it worked. If you can imagine. If that's an excuse.

yes, i respect that :upside_down_face:

post some screenshots of task scheduler.
what was the ''last run result"

post the command you want to run and i will show you how to make it work.

Annotation 2020-07-05 114524

Edited the bat file command to
rclone mount gcache: C:\folder

Task Scheduler to open the .bat file and not cmd and it's working now. Thanks.

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