Rclone as destination for Borgbackup #2

Dear community,

sadly i've had a rather unwelcoming experience on this forum as my first post on a thread also titled 'Rclone as destination for Borgbackup' lead to an offtopic answer (calisro: 'Please open a new topic with your questions rather than bump old threads.') plus thread-lock so well, i'll open a new thread then:

as i've written before i'm new to the forum but have been watching the development of rclone with interest for some time now.

borgbackup is my currently favored backup-solution and i've been wondering just as dr.mcgillicuddy (OP of the other, now locked thread) if rclone could be used to allow backing up with borg to gdrive (or S3), so i was delighted when i found others have been looking for similar use-cases of rclone, too.

as i undestand, the original thread revolves around using rclone mount to mount a remote locally and use borg to backup to that mountpoint, which seems to have worked well when used with --vfs-cache-mode writes and being careful about lager files as the might drop out of the cache-default-values of rclone (setting higher values via --vfs-cache-max-age and/or --vfs-cache-max-size might improve this).

something that nobody seems to have come up with yet is whether rclone serve sftp (borg supports ssh-targets) or rclone mount is the better solution. i feel like i'm missing something obvious here but thought i might ask anyway...
possibly serve would just be another layer of indirection?

User TowerBR mentioned in the original thread that a different backup tool called dublicacy is '[...] completely free (and open source).'.
as i understand the duplicacy website, even the CLI version is free only for any non-commercial use. to me this means that i cannot even use it without a license for backups of my private laptop that also includes some documents / emails belonging to the small company that i occasionally work for or re-use my backup-scripts for machines of that same company that i administrate.
so while duplicacy would not need to use rclone as an additional tool to provide access to S3-like targets as it directly supports some of those targets, it leaves me with mixed feelings regarding their licensing plus i am a fan of the good ol unix philosopy that tools should 'do one thing and do them well' and since both, rclone and borg do a pretty decent job as far as i've seen so far, i'm happy to use them in combination if they get along.

so to summarize my question: how would they go along best, by using rclone mount or by using rclone server sftp?


Sorry about that. Old threads auto close, but the ones before the date we started that don't.

Borg support ssh targets that can run a copy of borg which is unfortunately isn't suported by rclone serve sftp.

I did have a think about implementing the borg protocol and I had a look at the code, but it isn't documented separately from the code so I decided it would be a bigger project than I had time for at the moment.

You could also try restic which does have an rclone integration. I use it for back ups and it works well, but I know that TowerBR has had problems with it for extremely large backups (I backup media just with plain rclone).

rclone mount is your only option with borgbackup right now.

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