Rclone as a golang module or other way of using it in code

I did look around but the keyword combinations are so common I couldn't find any reference.

I'm building golang utilities to manage one of my websites and one of the steps is using rclone to sync the local copy to GCS (or AWS in previous incarnations) to be served as a static web-site. While I can simply call rclone as a normal external command I was wondering if it's possible to - given rclone is already written in go - use some sort of golang module or API already or if there is any desire to do this?

Not sure the value, but I don't want to do it the wrong way when there may be a right way


You can do it quite easily. I'm have an example I can dig out if you want

However rclone isn't a library so the internal interfaces do change sometimes.

You can also run an rclone server and access it's API.

Thanks. It was just a thought at the time. Now I've done more work on my local scripts I have come to the conclusion that auto-transfering files may be more harmful than convenient. i.e. I've seen errors which would have been bad had they been automatic.

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