Rclone API burst problem

So ever since I updated to the latest rclone beta that uses GDrive burst API ( from a very old rclone version that doesn’t have burst API feature ) I have packets dropped problem.

Monitoring this issue from netdata I received constant warning:

10min netdev budget ran outs 3700 events
number of times, during the last 10min, ksoftirq ran out of sysctl net.core.netdev_budget or net.core.netdev_budget_usecs, with work remaining (this can be a cause for dropped packets)

this happens all yhe time but the number of packets dropped increased whenever I manually scan Plex or multiple (thousands of files) Plex analysis.

How can I fix this?

Why are you using the beta? Is there a specific feature you are trying to test in the beta? Use the latest stable.

What’s your mount command that you are using?
What’s the debug log show when you experience the issue?

This is very unlikely to be related to rclone and more likely to be related to your kernel or network driver or network card.

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