Rclone android download for scripting?

I would like to download the latest android arm build from a script. There are a lot of downloads available from Rclone downloads, but android is not one of them. I use the builds from beta.rclone.org in the testbuilds subfolder and they've been working great for quite some time.

Wondering what is needed for android+arm to be upgraded to getting official releases? Or at least a scriptable URL

Thanks so much

I think most people that use rclone on mobile platforms (Termux, RCX for example) compile rclone themselves. Without modifications/compatibility shims, some parts of rclone just break on non-root Android.

While a URL like https://beta.rclone.org/$release_tag/testbuilds/rclone-android-16-arm.gz should be scriptable, the cross-compile toolkit used by rclone is unsupported (#5124) and uses outdated NDK scripts. I wouldn't rely on it being available.

A commitment towards testing/maintaining that release. Android isn't a major platform for Go or rclone, and especially pre-Android 8 devices tend to have all sorts of fun, quirky behaviour.

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