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Hello. Wanted to know if you can use RClone on android? What if you have the option to use to copy a file from one GoogleDrive account to another GoogleDrive account? already tested several tutorials with termux but could not.

I haven't tried to set up rclone for android yet - but this project seems like it is well on it's way:

You may want to check that out

rclone already has support for copying files server-side between google accounts.
It is not on by default since it is not garantueed to work for all possible combinations though (but I've had no issues with it personally).
Read more about it here and how to enable in your config or commandline:

Be aware that server-side copying is limited by quota, and it appears to be a good bit less than the regular 750GB/day. Exactly how much, I am not sure yet (and goodle has not given us this information as far as I know). Some claim it is 100GB/day, but I'm pretty sure I have regularly transferred much more in one go. It looks to me like it stalls out at around 200-300GB typically, but I haven't exactly measured this very carefully. In short : server-side copy is great for a fast transfer of large files (often several GB/sec) but it's not going to be some golden ticket for migrating a 10TB collection in a single day...

I use rclone with termux every now and again - it works for me.

What problem did you have with it?

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