Rclone and restic

Ah so it is restic failing...

I see the problem, you are still configuring it with rclone:... you need to configure it with rest:... as per the rest config docs

Then restic will stop using pipe and hopefully it will all work!

Well the problem here is I'm using a webdav backend (no other possibility), which cannot be configured using restic, so that's why I was using rclone. Now this seems not possible...

Once you start rclone serve restic stack: you should be able to use restic -r rest:http://host:8080/. rclone serve restic implements restic's REST server. Normally if you use rclone:... then restic will start rclone for you. This isn't working because of the pipe problem. However you can start rclone manually and connect to it with restic using the REST interface.

Yep that seemed to work fine.
Thank you very much for your help!

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