Rclone and Dropbox Business | TeamFolders vs PersonalFolders

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Bear with me - if I’m just misunderstanding the switches for rclone :slight_smile:

What I don’t understand is the following.

Reading the “manual” for rclone, the following is written.

When using Dropbox for business remote: and remote:path/to/file will refer to your personal folder.

If you wish to see Team Folders you must use a leading / in the path, so rclone lsd remote:/ will refer to the root and show you all Team Folders and your User Folder.

But I’m getting exactly the same feedback when running the following two rclone commands:
rclone lsf xyz123:
rclone lsf xyz123:/

Namely both TeamFolder and PersonalFolder listings. So for me there is no difference - which makes the world of difference for our scenario.

Guys, am I understanding this wrong ? :slight_smile:

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And guys… thanx for an AWESOME product :+1:

So they both give the same listing? And that listing is a list of TeamFolders and PersonalFolders

That isn’t what is supposed to happen! But it does at least mean you can access everything.

I guess what it means is that the default namespace for the user you are using is the same as the root namespace for the org.

Are you using some kind of admin user?

Or is the default namespace set to the root?

I’m afraid I don’t have access to a dropbox for business to test at the moment :frowning:


Ahhh, you got something there :slight_smile: root_namespace_id and home_namespace_id is identical.

I’ll try to figure out, how to change this - and get back to the forum, hopefully with a success.

Thanx :slight_smile:


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Hi again NCW,

Okey, the thing is - our organization is still under the old Dropbox Business structure, and by that we don’t have “the real” Team Space setup.

We will be migrated and then everything should work !

Thanx for a GREAT rclone project !

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Ah ha! That explains it. Everything was in transition at dropbox when I wrote the original support for this so I was worried I’d got confused by something.


You are welcome :smile: