Rclone and crypt help - error

I am getting an error when setting up rclone + cache + crypt

I have followed this guide, tried several times -

As soon as I try and run the mount command it complains saying -

retched1@lw709:~$ 2018/07/02 21:30:22 ERROR : /home5/MYUSER/.cache/rclone/cache-backend/gcache.db: Error opening storage cache. Is there another rclone running on the same remote? failed to open a cache connection to “/home5/MYUSER/.cache/rclone/cache-backend/gcache.db”: timeout

2018/07/02 21:30:23 ERROR : /home5/MYUSER/.cache/rclone/cache-backend/gcache.db: Error opening storage cache. Is there another rclone running on the same remote? failed to open a cache connection to “/home5/MYUSER/.cache/rclone/cache-backend/gcache.db”: timeout

2018/07/02 21:30:23 Failed to create file system for “gcrypt:”: failed to make remote “gcache:crypt” to wrap: failed to start cache db: failed to open a cache connection to “/home5/MYUSER/.cache/rclone/cache-backend/gcache.db”: timeout

I found a bug where it mentioned not using " / " didn’t matter…

my provider is ultraseedbox
looks like rclone version go1.10.1

What’s the user you are running rclone as ?

Is you do a “ls -al” on that path above, do you see the file?

Thanks for the reply,

I think… I have it working…

I had opened a few screens, and it seems like it was still confused and thought that another screen was perhaps locking the rclone process…?

I exited out of my putty session and ctrl+c out of a few different screens in the putty session… Went back through the directions and it seems to be working.

to upload a video file to gdrive, so it is encrypted… where would i place it, what folder?

If you are using the cache, you can only have 1 process running at a time that is active.

Most folks are setting up rclone with their root GD and then Cache and than Encryption. So my rclone config has sections for GD->Cache->Crypt and in my config I call them GD->GCache->GMedia.

So when I go to mount my folder I mount gmedia:

Once it’s mounted, you can create whatever you want. If you are using Plex, you’d usually have a Movies directory along with a TV directory.

It’s all up to you on how you organize it.

Plex has a whole set of info on how to name stuff and how to setup the directories:


I have nearly 30 TB of movies on my local synology, I just can not server up a good enough stream to more than one family/friend with my crappy internet at home…
So I need to slowly move the majority of it to GD.
I set mine up like yours (I believe) Gdrive->Gcache->Gcrypt
And mounted Gdrive into plex.

I created a few folders in the gdrive folder “Movies” and “UHD”

As the whole point of Gdrive is for the storage, and the seedbox being limited, will files/folders placed/created on the gdrive (the mounted drive) make their way back through the Gcrypt and up to Gdrive and be encrypted?

I guess i’m asking how I get all of my files processed so they get encrypted and sent to Gdrive. (I can upload via FTP at work where we have a 2GB pipe).

Are you planning on putting them on something and transfer them at work?

You can always use rclone to point to a local directory and just copy it and rclone copy at work.

type = crypt
remote = /PD/media
filename_encryption = standard
password = samepassword_as_other_one
password2 = samepasword_as_other_one
directory_name_encryption = true

That’s when I was using plexdrive and still using rclone encrypt.

I’m just copying 600-800 GB to a portable SSD, bring it to work and use my laptop wired into a jack in my office that bypasses the firewall and other crap.
I was then going to FTP it up to the seedbox and move it to the gdrive.

I guess I still dont know where top put the data locally to have it “move” back to the gdrive so it is not burning up the seedboxes local storage.

My understanding of rclone is that it makes the gdrive (gsuite drive) available locally, but only pulls the data into the gcache drive that is being actively read. And the gcrypt piece gets in the middle to encrypt/decrypt to/from gdrive

What’s your upload at home?

I’d just move it from there as doing the process 30TB / 700 GB per day would be roughly 43 trips to the office and you’d have to figure out what 700GB to move each time so you didn’t duplicate anything.

You get 750GB uploaded to GD in 24 hours at ~78Mb/s.

Unless you home bandwidth upload is severely limited, I’d just rclone copy and wait it out.

So i connected to my host via FTP, created 4 folders under /mnt/gdrive/ “Movies Music TVShows UHD”
When i log into my gsuite drive, I now see a “crypt” folder and 4 random folder names under there.
I’m uploading a small 2 GB test video to see how it does.

How will rclone/cache know to copy the file to the GD and delete it locally?

rclone wouldn’t do anything you don’t tell it to do.

If you are familiar with copying or moving files, the same applies with your GD. Think of it just as another drive or another computer.

You can run a rclone copy and move things that way. Some people instead of copying use move depending on their use case.

I download to my local system and use rclone move to update to my GD., which in turns deletes it locally and only a copy is kept on my GD.

My rclone mount picks up changes via polling and that happens automagically every minute.

Home is only 250/10 so not good for uploads of this size. I have redundant gig at work I can “borrow”. Used to run plex there (and it did awesome), but its becoming a pain having to turn it off when we do pen testing etc for security stuff. Running a plex server at work is not worth losing my job over…

I’m just grabbing movies starting with the A’s and working my way down the list at this pint I guess.

So the files I manually copy to the local gdrive will NOT move back to the offsite GD. I will need another job to move them and encrypt them, with the same key/salt?

Not sure I’m following between the local GD and offsite GD. There is just a Google Drive and it’s in the cloud.

If you have a removeable drive, you can simply just copy to the removable drive and either rclone copy or rclone move to your GD from work. It uses HTTPS to transfer everything so it’s easier than FTP and you don’t have to go through the process of encrypting on the removeable drive.

I was overthining rclone, it doesn most of teh work on the backend… I haveit up and going!

Thansk for the assistance