RClone and Box subtlety for gourmet

Before my question, thank you very very much to to the rclone team !
This tool is really near the perfection.

So here the point, I use rclone with box and it work perfectly I don't encounter any error but I use a low volume of data.
I know box have an upload limit of 240 uploads/minutes.
I mount rclone box with this options :
rclone mount --config=./rclone.conf --vfs-cache-mode full --vfs-cache-max-age 96h0m0s --vfs-cache-max-size 3000M --cache-dir ./cache box:/ /media/box

The question is : Does RCLONE upload file one by one or does upload it per batch ?
To speak with number it gives :
I create instantaneously 1000 files of 3MB so it fit in my cache directory, but what happen with BOX ? Rclone upload 1000 files directly or 1 request wich contain 1000 files ?

Thank you everybody for your help and sorry for bad english, it is not my first language.

The current VFS code will upload all the files at once.

The new VFS code being tested will upload them with a max number of --transfers at once.

1000 files directly.

I'm understanding you perfectly :slight_smile:

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When an expert answer to you, how cannot I validate the solution :wink:
Thank you very much Nick, I read many of your post on this forum.
Have a nice day or a good night !

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