Rclone all G Suite users Drives

Hi guys,
I’m looking to backup all our users Drive’s within our G Suite for Business account, through to AWS. I have implemented the AWS EC2 instance, installed rclone and configured for Drive using our admin account for authorization. I had (perhaps foolishly) thought this would allow us to backup all our users Drives within our account, but it looks like it’s only backing up the admin accounts drive.
Is there a way to use rclone to automatically backup all our users?

Sorry if I’m repeating a question - I have searched but haven’t found this asked before.


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I wish I had an answer for you, but I’m here looking for a similar solution too. I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a wrapper script around rclone to first iterate all users in a G Suite domain and then rclone them individually. An important point to mention is that we need to be able to use one administrative account to do this. This solution cannot in any way require a user to perform any action including entering a password or approving access to their account.