Rclone adn Dropbox applications

Good day
I have 5 Win 2018-19 servers with rclone v1.54.0.
I have made rclone.conf file on my personal PC wia browser link and copied on each server. It worked with Amazon S3 for a year, and it worked only few days with Dropbox. Now i have token error.

Dropbox has applications dropbox.com/developers/app that i want to use
Each app can have access to own directory - this is important for me.

I create 5 apps for 5 servers
How can i configure rclone config to use (to be?) this apps?

I have this data:
App key
App secret

OAuth 2: Redirect URIs and Generated access token

I'm not sure this is possible at the moment.

I think what is required is to ask for a different scope when doing the initial connection to rclone: https://aem.dropbox.com/en-us/lp/developers/reference/oauth-guide#content-access

This currently isn't possible, but it probably should be.

It is what the goole drive backend does: https://rclone.org/drive/#scopes

If you want to experiment you can try changing the scopes here:

If that works then we can add a new feature to rclone to configure it

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