Rclone ACD + security profile

Is it possible to use ACD with personal security profile?

Yes it is possible to do this.

How? Do you know how to get the token?

So what is the URL you should use to get the token?
I also had invalid scope errors…

I changed for example scope to profile but I got insufficient rights. What’s the correct scope?


Whitelisting Your App
You must be invited into the Amazon Drive API service to whitelist your app for Amazon Drive or you will not be able to send any node-related requests.

I have my security profile but not whitelisted apparently for amazon drive - as it is now closed (I hadn’t done it in the past).
I can request scope:profile and I get login page but when I request clouddrive I don’t get the key.
So I don’t think it’s possible if you didn’t have a clouddrive whitelisted app in the past…

Same here. Without ACD invitation.

Is it possible to set a token file to rclone? Or maybe force the “rclone token refresh” to always use the config file token after the expire?

rclone reads the token that is in the config file when it starts. When the token expires, it tries obtaining new ones using the built-in (or custom) application id / secret. This behavior cannot currently be overridden. Take a look at this thread: Always re-read access token from config file before refreshing token

Maybe @ncw like the idea and do something like it. :slight_smile: I hopeful… Thanks.