Rclone 1.52.2 release

Here is a small point release with a few fixes in.

It contains important fixes for Tardigrade and Drive and a number of other minor issues.

Also for the first time we have produced a ARM 32 bit, ARM 64 bit and i386 docker images (thanks Matteo Pietro Dazzi) as well as the standard Intel/AMD 64 Bit image.

v1.52.2 - 2020-06-24

See commits

  • Bug Fixes
    • build
      • Fix docker release build action (Nick Craig-Wood)
      • Fix custom timezone in Docker image (NoLooseEnds)
    • check: Fix misleading message which printed errors instead of differences (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • errors: Add WSAECONNREFUSED and more to the list of retriable Windows errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • rcd: Fix incorrect prometheus metrics (Gary Kim)
    • serve restic: Fix flags so they use environment variables (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • serve webdav: Fix flags so they use environment variables (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • sync: Fix --track-renames-strategy modtime (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Drive
    • Fix not being able to delete a directory with a trashed shortcut (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix creating a directory inside a shortcut (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix --drive-impersonate with cached root_folder_id (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • SFTP
    • Fix SSH key PEM loading (Zac Rubin)
  • Swift
    • Speed up deletes by not retrying segment container deletes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Tardigrade
    • Upgrade to uplink v1.1.1 (Caleb Case)
  • WebDAV
    • Fix free/used display for rclone about/df for certain backends (Nick Craig-Wood)

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