Rate limiting factors for download

I’ve read here and in reddit that if you use rclone default offered client ID then file streaming is rate limited by Google after 2-5 minutes of playback and essentially limiting the download speed. So the general consensus is to use your own client ID.

If this is the case which part of the file operation (rclone move or rclone mount) is best using your own user ID?

For example I upload using rclone default user ID and then share it with another account using its own private user ID. Since I mount the rclone using that second account with its own ID I should not get rate limiting by Google right? Even when considering the fact that the file is owned by another account which was uploaded using rclone default user ID.

Google has a quota on transactions per second. The default rclone ID is very over subscribed so generally, you hit quota problems which show up as rate limiting errors. There is nothing a person can do to fix that as it all depends on how many people are using the default ID at any one time.

Google has some general limits on creating files as I think it’s 3 per second. No ID matters there as it’s just a general policy they have.

To avoid using the overused rclone ID, it’s recommend generate your own client ID. If you use your own, you are less likely to hit quota issues on transactions assuming you generally stay in the boundaries that they have as a single user can only do 10 transactions per second.

Once it’s there in your GD, it would be whatever program is using the API. If it’s your own mount with your own ID, you are tied to that quota. If you use another program and the default rclone ID, you are tied to that quota.

Now completely beside that as a download quota on an item. If you share your account with 10 people and they all download it a few hundred times, you may get a download quota error, which has nothing really to do with the client ID per se but the amount a file has been downloaded.

Thank you for your clarification.