Raddar Folder Permeation

yes i run my mount as a root as i have some issues to run it with normal user

this is the output of ps aux | grep plex

sonarr can read and write the gmedia folder without any issues.

It appears that plex is running as the plex user.

I’m not sure what to try next…


Should be exactly what plex is doing. How does plex get started?

I think I had the same issue at one point, even though the user could write to the mount, Sonarr couldn’t understand it could. What I did was simply create the underlying TV folder in the mount folder, without rclone mounted. Then added that folder to Sonarr, deleted the folder, then started the mount. Then Sonarr no longer checks the write permission :slight_smile:

Can you turn up the Radarr logs to debug and see what it’s doing?

You’d have to see the Radarr logs as your plex user if that’s you are running it as.

My logs would be here:


You’d have to replace felix with plex.

very stranger i have created a folder called PLEX inside the gmedia mount folder and radarr was ok to read and write from that folder. i have transferred all my movies to the new folder and all is OK. Thanks so much.

last question is there any way to stop radarr from creating folders ? any option to just have the movie only without a folder.

But you can add your voice here https://feathub.com/Radarr/Radarr/+29