Question regarding sync from local folder to google cloud bucket

Hello, quick question,

We’re using rclone sync to sync a local folder (on windows) to a google cloud storage bucket, I was wondering if by default deleted files on the source side are automatically deleted from destination without using any of the -delete flags?

This seems the opposite of rsync, I just wanted to make sure.

reference link

rclone sync
Make source and dest identical, modifying destination only.

Sync the source to the destination, changing the destination only. Doesn’t transfer unchanged files, testing by size and modification time or MD5SUM. Destination is updated to match source, including deleting files if necessary.

sync will make the destination look like the remote. So yes it will delete files. If you only want to copy and replace files found on the source, then you need to use the copy command.

Awesome, thank you.

I’ll change the command and run some tests, It just seemed strange it was kinda opposite of rsync. That could be dangerous! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. rsync doesn’t have separate options for copy/sync/move/delete/etc. It’s similar if the copy command is chosen though.

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