Question regarding converted google objects

I am using rclone to backup a Google Drive remote and have a question about google objects converted to MS Office.

Firstly, I’m having an issue with duplicate google objects. I’m aware that google allows duplicate file names and of the dedupe rclone option. Here’s my specific scenario. A user uploads a MS Office file, spreadsheet.xlsx we’ll say. Then the user opens spreadsheet.xlsx in google and chooses to edit the file which creates a google sheets object, spreadsheet. Now when rclone runs, it backs up spreadsheet.xlsx. When it gets to the google object, spreadsheet, it converts it to MS Office which would be spreadsheet.xlsx, which is a duplicate name. Are there any options I’m missing to avoid the corresponding duplicate error with rclone? Particularly so both files are copied.

Secondly, I would find it useful to know if a file was originally a google object before an rclone sync.
Is there a way to tell rclone to rename any converted google object? For example, append ‘converted’ to the name of any google object that is converted and downloaded.

I don’t think that’s possible at the moment. You’d need to dedupe the source first.

That would probably help you as then you could have it selectively pick programmatically what you want or rename it.

But I can see your problem.

Yes, that looks great. I would definitely use the proposed option “–drive-dupe-mode rename”

The dedupe command isn’t an option for me as I am backing up files from many user’s Drives and do not have the liberty to rename their files.

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