Question gdrive limit

i constantly have the problem with 403 with gdrive. from when until when is the api requests and the bandwidth limit of 750 abolished. every day at midnight or always after the ban from the time 24 hours?

is there a possibility that rclone pauses or aborts when the message appears? “pacer: low level retry 1/10 (error googleapi: Error 403: Rate Limit Exceeded, rateLimitExceeded)”

so you can have a time when you can start again after 24 hours. since i don’t have an administrator account at gdrive, i can’t see the limits api and bandwidth.

Are you using your own API key?

403s are not always bans. Rate limits are just that as Google is asking you to slow down. Nothing resets other than you not doing more than ~10 API per second. There is no ban/reset associated with that.


If you aren’t using your own API key, you are stuck with a lot of 403s are many people use the standard rclone API key.

i have no api key :frowning:
i cant upload since over 18 hours. but i think some other guys use it too so i have no chance to upload.

Upload is different quota. You only have 750GB per day on upload so you have to pace it.

when does the limit reset at midnight or from the time it was banned 24 hours later?

would it be possible for you to show me your current mount option for plex?

It’s not documented as to when it resets so you have to wing it.

My config is here -> My VFS SweetSpot - Updated 30-Aug-2018

thank you for the info :slight_smile: