Question/advice on redoing my setup using rclone

I need some advice.
Im currently with Zxhost on there plexhosting plan and as of late they had to move me from there Ovh in canada to there COLO server in Germany.

The new server seems pretty powerful but my problem seems to be the bandwidth compared to the OVH. The machine is a Windows 8.1 box with 6GB of ram, 2X500GB drives, 4cores E5-2620v4 2.10GHZ. I have plex, netdrive2 and syncthing installed on it. My media( about 15TB) for plex is on my google drive mounted via netdrive2.

When people try to play content on plex, it takes some time to start but it does start. The problem comes when i have to move media to the gdrive while people are trying to use plex. Plex says content unavailable when they try to play something. I am guessing it is because of the transfer. On the OVH i didn’t seem to have that problem often but on this machine, it seems to happen all the time.

I was reading about rclone and it seems that people have lots of success with it when using it with plex and all media is in the cloud. So i was thinking maybe i should go down that route instead of Windows + netdrive2.

Would i get better performance if i switch to nix with Rclone + google drive + Plex? How does rclone differ from netdrive2 in terms of how you access files with plex?

Is there a good way of testing the speed between the google drive (is a college Gdrive btw) and my zx server to see if the speed is decent?

I also have a slot at feralhosting (1TB HDD + unmettered ,10 pounds/month) for all the downloading and i use syncthing to send it to my ZX server since i cant mount Gdrive on the slot. I’m shopping around to see if i can find something with the same config or close around the same price. If anyone has suggestions :slight_smile:

Ideally i would like to run sickrage on me seedbox and have it rename and move my files to Gdrive via rclone mount and then on my ZX box have rclone mount so plex can access it.

I am i on the right path or is there something i forgot to consider? Oh and my plex streams were usually 5 to 8 people but with my current issues, its not that anymore

currently with a large library don’t know how big yours is (but mine at 57tb) there are issues with getting banned when plex does a scan and you are mounted with rclone.

What I would do for now, is on your seed box use rclone copy /local/media/sorted to gdrive:/media/sorted (note your paths will vary)

and that way rclone can copy all the files up to gdrive and netdrive can see them, that should be good to go along with your partial scan and should be stable (i have one netdrive2 box on zxhost and this is what I do and have no issues with 4 or 5 streams)

Yeah i was reading about the band but i dont ever do a full scan i always use "C:\Program Files (x86)\Plex\Plex Media Server\Plex Media Scanner.exe" --scan --refresh --section 2 --directory "{folder}" where folder is the path to the season the episode goes to or the path to the movie folder the file is in.

since rclone can mount gdrive couldnt i just use sickrage to move the content from my seedbox directly to the location it needs to go?

what plan you have with them?

I am not sure how stable the mount is, you might want to have some other chime in but I think right now most are using rclone copy instead of going directly to the mount

tier 2 on my box with them

cool…well i guess i wont know till i test it for myself…one thing i need to still find is a seedbox that is equal or better then feral

It’s still not really recommended to do many write operations with the mount as it’s still experimental.

If you’re copying your entire library to Gdrive, do an rclone sync /local/media/sorted drive:local/media/sorted --transfers 50 (as mentioned, paths will vary).

Why sync? Well, sync will ensure your Google Drive folder is a mirror copy of your local media. So if you’re copying 57Tb and you may only be doing it for using it “later” (potentially when a caching solution is implemented which will hopefully remove the bans), then you can manipulate your local folder as you wish and just re-run a sync to sync it back to Drive anytime you want.

the copy command will just copy files from source to destination.

Example - you rename/delete some of your media on your local storage, re-organize some folders, etc…

The copy command would just copy the results of the actions you do, but keeping all the old files you deleted, the previou named files, folders, etc on Drive.

The sync command would ensure your Drive folder mirrors the changes you did.

Subtle difference, but an important one.

My library is all on gdrive already. but if i had a sync that means the 17TB would be on the seedbox as well as the gdrive? That is not something i want. All i need is for the file onces downlaoded, is renamed and moved to my tvshow folder on my gdrive.

Yeah i read this…but how experimental? We talking alpha stages or beta close to stable?

since rclone cant manage tvshow/movies i would need to first pass the file through sickrage and then call a script after post-process with rclone to move it to fiinal destination on gdrive if mount is unreliable? How do people use rclone then with big plex library if they dont mount the drive?