Question about rclone sync

Hello! I'm new to rclone and I'd like to ask something about the sync feature.

If my destination has the same files with an entirely different directory structure, does syncing delete and re-upload files, or does it move around the existing files?

Does syncing also rename existing files that have the same hashes with files present in the source?

Thank you!

hello and welcome to the forum,

might read about

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Thank you so much! This answers my second question. Do you have any idea about the first one?

i have never used that flag, so i am not 100% sure.

tho the link i shared should answer both questions.
that rclone will avoid the re-upload of files by renaming/moving dest files to match the source directory structure.

whatever you do, should test rclone sync using --dry-run

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Agree, with the important addition that some storage services (e.g. S3) do not support renaming/moving and then there will be a delete and full re-upload.

Note the Move and DirMove columns in this table:

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