Question about --drive-stop-on-download-limit

Quick question
If a mount is mounted with --drive-stop-on-download-limit, will it drop on download limit? Thanks in advance,

What does drop mean?
You'd get an error on a mount if you hit your quota.

Sorry I meant, if I do rclone mount remote: /path/to/mount --drive-stop-on-download-limit --daemon

Would the process terminate on download limit, effectively making no files show up in the mount any longer?

I don't think it drops and it would make the system pretty angry.

You'd keep timing out and getting IO errors as it would keep retrying.

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Ok thank you. I will try to test, but it is hard to hit the download limit lol. Is their an RC command or something equivalent to triggering a "download limit" false flag? Thanks again.

No as that's an error from the API so you can't really fake it to my knowledge.

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