Query with large changeable files and Backblaze B2


I have a 4tb file. The file is edited with 10gb or so data every so often, what i’d like to know is, when rclone does its thing, does b2 see it as a brand new 4tb file, and am I charged as such?


What kind of file is this? Is it a filesystem image? Where is the 10GB of data placed - at the end or randomly?

Yes rclone will upload the whole 4TB each time and you’ll be charged as such.

There are some ideas in rclone to fix this but that isn’t implemented yet.

You might be better off using restic which can do incremental backups if it is just a backup you are worried about. This won’t upload the file in a format you can serve though.

Or you could take a binary diff and store that instead of the whole file.

Thank you for your response.

The file in question is a Veeam B&R Full Backup file, i’m unsure as to how exactly the data is placed in all honesty.

I appreciate the links, I will look into these further.