[PSA] Performance Testing Videos for Media Streaming

Streaming video from the various cloud services is a common use-case for rclone users. Additionally, many of us are constantly testing various configurations to see what performs best. To help with this, I thought I’d pass along some test videos that are very helpful in this situation.

jell.yfish.us hosts several different versions of the same video in various bitrates and encodings.

There’s alot of different variables that could cause buffering or poor performance in video playback. But in a simple stream, the bandwidth between the client and server must exceed the bitrate of the media for smooth playback. These files can be used to test your streaming network performance to see what your connection and cloud provider can handle.

Now, there’s all sorts of tricks than can help cope with low bandwidth situations like transcoding, seeking, buffering, etc. These methods introduce new types of I/O operations that introduce many new variables for both the client (rclone mount) and cloud provider. Keep that in mind during your tests.