Progress/stats as a daemon

Sorry, I am new to rClone, but I love it so far and want to use it exclusively. I have a question. I run rClone as a daemon to mount an S3 bucket and I use it as a drive. What I have a problem with is, when I copy a big file in the mounted drive, I have no idea whether the file has been copied, or is still copying. Is there a way to find this out? I know that there is a --progress and a --stats option, but this is only for Terminal use, no?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

might try

The best bet would have be filling out the help and support template.

As depending on what you are using, it could be a few different answers / solutions.

Maybe I should make a little rclone command to monitor a running rclone with --rc ?

Though running rclone rc core/stats repeatedly is pretty good.

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