Problem with union remote

I'm trying to copy a GDrive remote into a new union remote.
The union remote consists of 4 WebDAV remotes.
The union remote only uses default configs, nothing special.

I need the GDrive to be copied into that union and I expected the union to handle everything internally and distribute all contents between WebDAV upstreams nicely without my intervention.

But it doesn't work properly...

First, the 'rclone about' command doesn't seem to work for bitrix24 WebDAV remotes. Output is empty (but exit code is 0). That probably means rclone can't tell its free space.
'rclone size' works fine btw.

I decided to kick off the job anyway and see what will happen with the copy command:
rclone copy --verbose --progress gdrive:/ bitunion:/

rclone started copying the files, with many repeating warnings:
"NOTICE: Free Space is not supported for upstream bit-backup1, treating as infinite"

I kept waiting but when the first upstream got full rclone just threw errors and couldn't complete any further transfer. Instead of switching to the next upstream (which I hoped it would by default) rclone just output '409 conflict' errors for each further attempt:

2021-11-27 06:17:53 NOTICE: Free Space is not supported for upstream bit-backup1, treating as infinite
2021-11-27 06:17:53 ERROR : folder/file: Failed to copy: 409 Conflict

Is there anything I can do to make it work even though rclone doesn't see free space? I'm not familiar with the union remote but I see there are many optional settings for it. Could any special setting solve this problem?

Isn't there an option to manually set upstream quota and have rclone honor it when it can't determine by itself? Just wondering.

My goal is to have bitunion:/ identical as gdrive:/, same files/path/structure. Is union remote at all the best way to make it right?

  • I'm using rclone v1.57.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 (64 bit).
  • My union config looks like this:
    type = union
    upstreams = bit-backup1: bit-backup2: bit-backup3: bit-backup4:

Thank you

Other than using remotes that support free space, I'm not sure there is much you can do.

union expects remotes to be working and report space back if you want to use the policies around space.

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