Problem with exclude option


I’m trying to exclude some dirs from sync:

rclone --fast-list --transfers 32 --verbose --exclude ‘ext/hosting/*/’ sync /ext b2:backup

Directories have following structure:

I’ve tried to use exclude with:

ext/hosting/* / (no space)
/ext/hosting/* / (no space)

and much other variations, but it still doesn’t work like I’m expecting.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


The include paths start from the root of the sync. You are using /ext as the root of the sync so you paths should start with /hosting/domain/storage....

To say you want this and anything under it, you use the ** operator.

So I think what you need is


Note the leading / - you only want the hosting directory at the root to be excluded, not any hosting directory anywhere in the path (which is what you would get if you removed the leading /).

Hope that helps!