Problem mounting rclone

I have this Dockerfile and I want to mount my rclone drive using it. But I cannot change the default location for the rclone config file.
Please look at the Dockerfile and tell me , what's wrong with it please. Regards. Please look at #Utilities in the docker file. To directly get to the code for rclone.

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you seem to be using --config, so what is the problem?
rclone --config="/home/rclone.conf"

The problem is that I cannot interact with computer while it's making the docker container. When i use the rclone --config="/path/to/file", command it doesn't recognise the command . When i earlier tried something like rclone config --config="path/to/file". It showed me all the drives in the rclone where it gives the option to edit delete or quit that command. But I cannot move further because I cannot press q over it. This is not a problem related to rclone.

But the command rclone --config="path/to/file". Isn't recognised as a command.

While rclone config --config="path/to/file.

I want to change the default rclone file location .
People have mention to use environmental variable , but sadly I don't know anything about it yet.

Can you suggest me what command should i enter in the docker file so that I can change that RCLONE_CONFIG variable to look at /home/rclone.conf.

that is because, there is no command, such as sync/copy/config/etc...

as per the docs

Oh , so to mount I would have to write something like this

rclone mount --allow-other --config="/home/rclone.conf" Webseries: /webseries --daemon.

that looks good

My rclone.conf file is already at home directory.

rclone mount --config="/home/rclone.conf" --allow-other Webseries: /webseries --daemon.

Used this , but it isn't using /home/rclone.conf as the directory i want it to look for rclone.conf file.

when you first posted, there was a template of questions that did not get answered.

screen snippets are hard to read
no idea the exact command that was run
no rclone full debug output

I got it to work. I actually had 2 of those commands in my dockerfile.
I deleted the incorrect one and the docker container is running. Although the container is ready, I cannot see my files in gdrive in the folder. It's probably because of the fact that My rclone config file doesn't has correct credentials.


fwiw, a rclone debug should anwser that.
--log-level=DEBUG --log-file=/path/to/rclone.log

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