Problem creating an azureblob remote

I'm trying to create a new azureblob remote.
All I have for credentials are a Key and a Connection String.

It isn't clear from the documentation how to specify the Connection String. There does not seem to be a place to enter it during rclone config or a command line flag to pass it.

The docs say "Rclone has 3 ways of authenticating with Azure Blob Storage" but only describes two of them. I wonder if what I need is the missing way that is not described?

I ended up creating a remote called azuretest without the connection string in it, but it doesn't work:

 rclone lsd azuretest:
2019/06/25 10:17:17 Failed to create file system for "azuretest:": Need account+key or connectionString or sasURL

It says it needs a connectionString but does not say how to provide it. Can anyone help?

Yes you are right...

Can you please make a new issue on github about this please and I'll ping the azureblob maintainer to have a look.

Looking at the code history it looks like the connection string option disappeared when we updated to the new Azure SDK. I have a vague memory that it isn't supported by the new SDK but I may be wrong!

Done, here is the issue.

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