Problem about copy from onedrive to local

sorry,my english is bad,i hope that you can see what i wrote it,thank you
my account is onedrive business,my device is raspberrypi(Raspbian)
rclone lsd onedrive directory is ok,and rclone copy from local to onedrive is ok
but rclone copy from onedrive to local is error(failed to copy:failed to open sourcd object:401 unauthorized)
please help me,thank you

Can you share the command you are running and what the rclone log is when you run that command ?

What’s the command that is working for you as well?

thank you for your reply
rclone lsd remote: is ok
rclone mkdir remote:newfloder is ok
rclone copy /mnt/local floder remote: is ok
rclone copy remote: /mnt/local floder is error
rclone sync remote: /mnt/local floder is error
i searched rclone.log,but it is empty