Prioritize sync of files (by size or location)

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to prioritize the sync for files.
I am currently using the filter-from option, using a file to say what goes into sync and what doesn’t, and this works fine, but among the folders I want to sync, some have higher priority.

For example, my Document folder contains small files and I want it to be always in sync. I don’t want to waste time and bandwidth to upload e.g. Videos and Pictures if Documents are not synced.

Also, when Videos and Pictures are ready to be uploaded, I’d like to upload smaller files (e.g. <1MB) first, then proceed with the others.

Is this possible in current rclone release? If not, could it be considered as an extension to the filter file format?


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I think you’ll have to run rclone more than once to get this effect.

You can do separate rclones to sync the high priority stuff first, and also the smaller stuff, then do a separete sync to tidy up everything else.

The first should probably be an rclone copy rather than a sync.

Ok, so I’ll have to use wisely filters and --max-size and --min-size.

cnw, can you please explain a little bit further why the first operation (high priority) should be a copy and not a sync?


I always run copy rather than sync if I can get away with it as it is a safer command. The later sync will delete any files which need to be deleted.

Oh, ok, as I imagined :slight_smile: I thought there were some other reasons. Thank you again.