Pre-load specific Folder in Mounted drive


in that related posted,
i offered a possible solution,
you never replied?

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Thank, I was checking and I was hesitating about if that command works, look like a troll-command because is there a "z: > null"

is there to use my "old command" but also pre-load a specific folder?

OLD command:

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full jtm2021hyo:\ x: -v

edit: in Windows 10 a "> null" mean a "file remove" or similar

rclone cat z: > nul
that command will read every file from z:, and as a result, preload the vfs file cache.
using > nul, just a trick to prevent rclone from saving the files to local storage

rclone cat z:\path\to\dir > nul

not understanding what you mean?
do not use null, as the output of rclone cat will be saved to a local file named null.

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Can I use my command then load the folder?

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full jtm2021hyo:\ x: -v \ x:/google-drive/folder/
  1. run the rclone mount command.
    rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full jtm2021hyo: x
  2. run the rclone cat command.
    rclone cat x:/google-drive/folder > nul

keep in mind that, after one hour, rclone will purge unused files from the vfs file cache.

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Then I just can use a command per session

Is there any command to mount my GDrive in a folder and sync between local and online files?

I mean a replace to GDrive Sync App

or tweak
--vfs-cache-max-age duration Max age of objects in the cache (default 1h0m0s)

not sure what you are asking about.
if you want to mount to a folder
rclone mount jtm2021hyo: c:\path\to\folder

sorry I forget explain my intention.

I wish to know if possible:

1 mount my GDrive to a folder (already confirmed)
2 store the cached files or folders like local data, but only store used or pre-cached files (with command Rclone Cat for example).
3 if already exist and if new, then replace in GDrive, if already exist and is old then replace my local file (Like GDrive Sync App For Desktop)

mentioned points are the reason I migrated to RClone because look possible do , but not sure if possible, basically I am searching an equivalent to GDrive Sync App For Desktop but with advanced features.

if we already have Mount command (for point 1) and Cat command (for point 2) then the last a command to sync my files.

any help?

  1. so you want bi-directional sync?
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Do you could explain us a bit more?

sure, tho not sure what you are asking me to texplain?

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How can I merge RClone commands in an unique line? Mount, cat, bisync

imho, rclone bisync is at best experimental, and if misused, can delete all files in the source and dest, total loss of all files.
i cannot offer any advice about it.

tho when using rclone mount, can use any stable, bisync tool used for local.
never used such a tool but there is syncthing, freefilesync, others....

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Is there any command combination that is exact alternative to GDrive Sync App?
I mean, anything already test and confirmed that can replace the google sync app

sorry, do not use gdrive, never used that app.

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i conclusion final is the best option is:

RClone Sync

have you seen

Thanks, I checked everytihingi in your link, look like to evade all complexity is need use RClone Sync, just a question more...

How can I configure RClone to 1 delete my local/online file/folder then upload/download the file/folder with same name?

... if this is possible, could help to recover your old files when is there any error.

could use rclone sync, to make the source match the dest.

rclone is not really a backup program.
some people try that and use --backup-dir

imho, if your data is critical, need a real backup program, in addition to rclone

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