Possible to use a Samba fstab mount as a 'source' for an rclone to ACD?

Hey there,

Been trying to configure this to no avail.

Successfully set up an ACD rclone profile (ACD:) on Ubuntu, as well as a Crypt for it (secret:), and trying to figure out how best to sync my local Samba mount to the secret: profile.

I keep getting erros about the local file system at the mount location with ‘directory not found’, is there a proper way to go about this?

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  • Kyrluckechuck

Not really a solution, but a temporary one that will allow me to get the backups in-place. I’ve gone the route of this solution and just downloaded the actual executable binary to the FreeNAS box the data is hosted on and doing it via that. Odd that rclone can’t handle the source being a samba/nfs mount though…