Possible to set mount read only?


I remember some time ago that there was some flag to do it, its possible to do it now?


On a mounted drive you can use


That will mark the drive as read-only to the OS, and so the OS will give an error if you try to do anything outside of that. Generally you can find all of the options for mount if you just check the documentation page for mount on the website.

For people who have the same quesiton but don't use mount:
I don't think that all backends explicity have a read-only mode. Some do, some don't
You can however use

--disable move,copy

ect. - you can add more commands to that, and that will globally disallow rclone from doing those actions in that instance of rclone - so this could be a useful workaround if your primary goal is to have a safety again accidental deletion. The backup-dir flag described in the "usage" doc is also worth looking into if you want additional "accident insurance".

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