Possible to mount "read-only" where writes don't get uploaded?

This might be a slightly strange request, but I'd love the ability to do a read-only mount where the filesystem itself isn't mounted read-only, but instead changes are ignored and not uploaded to the server.

The reason is that I would like to mount a folder containing a LevelDB database in a read-only manner. Unfortunately, opening a LevelDB database seems to be impossible unless the filesystem is writable, because LevelDB wants to create a lockfile as part of the open operation. But I don't want these lockfiles to get synced to the remote and I don't want any other changes to be possible either.

I was wondering if I could accomplish this using the --disable FEATURE flag, but it doesn't seem like there's a feature that covers "making any change to the remote." Or maybe I could set the write cache duration to infinite somehow? Any help would be much appreciated.

That feels like a lot of complexity/data loss for something that would be a very niche use case.

You can open a feature request on github, but I can't imagine it would get picked up as that really doesn't have much to do with cloud remotes as that's a very specific use case.

You could try making a union of a local read/write directory and the levelDB database folder. the union backend has the ability to mark things read only so this would probably work.

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