Possible to generate OAUTH token without user interaction using Google API?

So, I am trying to automatically create a user + rclone remote using the google api. I am able to create a user, but I have no idea how to (If it’s possible?) to generate the required token that rclone needs for a remote without manual interaction. Is it possible to create this token using the google API? Or some 3rd party web scraping API that does OAUTH for you?

Just to give you an overview of my system, I have a python service constantly running, I am going to create a user -> *SOMEHOW Generate rclone remote, going to programatically create the config file with my new users details, but no idea how to get the token -> upload some stuff to this account -> merge data to master account -> delete account -> repeat.

There were some discussions about using service accounts here: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/1491

As far as I know the whole OAUTH process has been designed to be difficult to automate. You could probably do it with python + mechanize, or failing that by using one of the browser control packages like selenium.