Possibility to detect and delete files, which cannot be decrypted?


is it possible to detect (and delete) files and folders, where rclone is not able to decrypt in specified remote?
If it is not possible right now, it would be nice to have such feature.

What I’m also missing is something like a decrypt -> encrypt filename converter (and vice versa). In some situation, I’d like to know which decrypted filename actually belongs to the encrypted filename.

Hello @ErAzOr,

@ncw has already given us both! Please see:

On using the new command "rclone tail" to detect undecryptable files:

On listing the encrypted file/directory names for every encrypted file/directory:



I haven’t written rclone tail yet, but follow that issue and I’ll post a beta there soon.

Any news with the rclone tail command?

I have lots of encrypted files (movies) that are probably corrupted long time ago (while I was using old versions of rclone?) giving me the error ReadFileHandle.Read error: failed to authenticate decrypted block - bad password? and I want to find all the files that have this problem.

As far as I understand this problem was caused by corrupted transfers of encrypted files?

EDIT: I think I realized how I could make this work for now.
I run rclone cat Crypt:"PATH/" --tail 1 --tpslimit 1 2> errors.txt

and it will print to errors.txt <<name_of_file>> Failed to open: unexpected EOF for the files that are corrupted.

Yes that will work. You can also use rclone cryptcheck if you have the original files

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