PlexMS script calling before playing?


I understand its not only about rClone but it deals with it.
Kodi allow to run a script before playing a video, that means we can/could “rclone copy” locally a movie to bypass some laggy problems. Use of
Using a unionfuse-fs dir as source for Kodi. This /Union would fuse /ACD_Enc and /Temp. A script called by the Kodi play action would rclone copy the movie from /ACD_Enc to /Temp. Kodi would always see the movie in /Union and play it from a local dir instead of the remote ACD.

I don’t know Plex very well but would it be possible to do the same?

As far as I know it cant be done in plex, you could make a OnPlay but thats when video already started.

This seems very intriguing. Do you have an example script of this working in Kodi now? I would love to see it. Thanks.