Plexdrive with rclone, Plex downloading massive amounts of data during scan

I cant seem to figure out if this is a rclone, plex, or plexdrive issue.

Every time I run a plex scan it starts downloading massive amounts of data. If I look at the plexdrive logs its requesting playback of every file. I am not sure if this is the rclone mount requesting that data or what is happening.

I am desperate at this point because I cant seem to figure out what the issue is. I have thumbnails and deep analysis disabled within the Plex Settings. Each Plex scan will take well more than a hour to 2 hours with 1000 items. Thanks!

Same here. Running out of space after a scan and my setup is a simple google-drive-oacmlfuse and rclone mount.
I have a lot of files and the inodes just run out.

What version are you running?

I am using the latest rclone and rclone beta, plexdrive 3,4, 5 beta and the last few versions of PMS. All are doing the same thing.

Same for me. It’s downloaded 3GBs of data and only scanned 3 of my shows at the moment. It’s like it’s downloading the entire file/directory to scan it, instead of just checking that it exists.

I just uploaded my library to Google Drive with a crypt mount, and it seems to have been for nothing at the moment. @ncw please advise!

Edit: I am only using rclone, nothing else, not plexdrive or oacmlfuse.

disable update in PLEX

and use such a script:

starting from the OPs text here:
"This bash script that it calls to actually determine which files are new is here:"

it's a bash script which you can crontab
to update your plex library only with newly added media

or here is a better one:

That’s not anything close to a solution @alneven. I still have scan my library to begin with, and those won’t fix this bug.

from where did you uploaded your library?

as for example I have 5 TB local and I’m uploading continously
The “media” folder is an unionfs folder from “local” + cloud
Local is scanned
And the cloud is later pushed there
“media” folder first reads LOCAL

It means if you still have your data “local”, you could merge it with the cloud
Scan it locally by PLEX
And remove later from local

“Media” will still contains your data, but from the cloud
No need of a new “re-scan”

All of my media is in the cloud, so that won’t work for me.

I am having the same issue… Has anyone found a fix for this?

I created an issue here: