Plex with Rclone and Rasp 4


I have read some many threads but there are not a "perfect" setup for Rclone and Plex. Now I have a plexdrive + rclone build with a rasp3B, but the direct stream (1080p) always has a little freezes every 10 seconds.

So after that I have read, many people said me that plexdrive it isn't neccesary, now rclone dont cause api bans, and It's better developed than plexdrive (deprecated). So I want to know if someone has installed rclone in raspberry to steam with plex.


  • use rclone mount on its own.
  • do not use the cache backend remote
  • test
  • if you have problems, post your rclone mount command and debug log.

Thanks!! But I have doubts about rclone mount, Is every case different? Or I use a default command? Ok I will try.

step 1 is to create a remote using rclone config.

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