Plex Websocket - Bad Status

Grrr. Seeing lots of this in my logs… any ideas???

2018/05/21 23:42:35 INFO  : cache: Connected to Plex server:
2018/05/21 23:42:37 ERROR : plex: websocket.Dial ws://<removed>: bad status

I suspect this is causing me some issues. Although generally stuff does play OK. I’m using cache & crypt if it helps. I’ve redone the settings to ensure my plex details are correct… the only thing i can think it may relate to is that I’m using cloudflare and running plex on a custom domain… would this make a difference???

plex_url =

Appreciate any suggestions.


Use HTTP as HTTPS doesn’t work as it generates a certificate error.

plex_url = http://localhost:32400

Tried both localhost and with no luck… I wonder if this commit just added may be what I need. Will check once it’s in

Surely, it won’t work HTTPS till that commit is in.

That commit should be available in the latest beta now.

Thanks NIck. To be fair I did try a SIGHUP in case there was an issue with the cache which seems ‘fingers-crossed’ to have helped. But I do like to be on the latest updates so will do an upgrade as well!