Plex users let the plex team know you support a cloud friendly optional scanner

They have their new cloud scanner which just scans file names and doesn't actually get information until you try and play, they did this to prevent google drive bans, if you would like to use rclone and google drive with plex sound off here to let them know it's a great idea!


Premium access only … :-1:

I’ve got plexpass I’ll weigh in for you :wink:

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Added my support. Hope this will be added.

+1’d from me.

Fingers crossed now.

The plex dev team took years to enable chromecast to do a higher bitrate than 12mbps so I’m not crossing my fingers, I’m gritting my teeth >_<


Added my support. I have no choice but to be able to run plex “in the cloud”

+1 for this! i want this SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!