Plex slow updating - logs showing timeouts?

Hello everyone.

I hope that you can help me.
First I got my rclone installed with encfs and UnionFS-Fuse, running Ubuntu 16.04.LTS i7 3930K with 2 x 3TB HD in Raid 0

Followed this guide: .

For starters - since I have my dedi server located at Hetzner , I signed up for Clouddrive, thought those two would probably match good together . Everything got uploaded, Plex added the media to libraries etc… FAST.

Then I googled about performance , server locations ect, and read about a guy in here that had problems paying for this service at since he isn’t a resident in germany. He couldn’t pay with his creditcard, so had to move all his data to . I live in Denmark, and as I could see, Denmark is not listed, so I had to move all my data as well. All data is now moved, I made a new clone config acd2 so I could sync from acd to acd2.

Remove acd config, rename acd2 til acd and mount. So far so good. BUT when Plex now wants to update the libraries ( fresh restart just to make sure all is OK ) . IT takes AAAGES to update . It went way faster from . Well I was told to read the mount logs and saw these timeouts…

I copied some of the logs into pastebin :

Am I doing something wrong here , or am i missing something else? Was really happy for the first setup, but it kinda died when I saw how slow the system updated in Plex :frowning: .

Also when I started a movie at it went much faster than

Kind regards


Unless I’m reading something wrong, those look to be just timeouts from ACD and not much that you can do about that.

That’s why I switched over to GD.

I did that too - today :slight_smile: