Plex not recognised Mount on Debian Server


It just says “Fatal error: unknown flag: --unmask” when adding that command.


Can you do the ls -al on a file in the mount and share the output?

It’s “umask” not “unmask”

What’s your actual mount command you are running?



Then the command I am running is “rclone mount --allow-other --umask 000 gcrypt: /home/tom/GDrive”


So that looks good as any user should have access at that point.


But yeah it still doesnt work


Since you mounted inside your home directory, you probably need to make sure other folks have permissions to navigate into it.

So you’d need to check your /home/tom permissions.

You can test by changing to the plex user and navigating along the way through and see where it breaks and add the permissions.


This is my /home folder permissions


So what happens if you change to the plex user and try to cd into your GDrive?


What do you mean change to the Plex user? Tom is the PLEX user.


Did you change the plex install to not use the ‘plex’ user?

You can “ps -ef | grep -i plex” and you can see Plex is running as a user called “plex”